The four types of remote work

Oct 1, 2017 · 194 words · 1 minute read remote

I’ve been eager to learn more and more about remote work for a bunch of reasons, but more specifically because of communication. From my experience, I put remote work into four categories:

  1. Remote only
  2. Remote first
  3. Remote friendly
  4. No remote

You’re probably wondering why No remote is even there and the reason for it, is because I think it should be. It’s a reality for the higher majority of workers and for a proper comparison, it should be here as well.

Remote only

This is by far the trendiest of them all. Within a few minutes you can read all about it on the Internet, easily finding articles that state it boosts productivity by >9000%. That’s not to say that there are not benefits in, because there are. So here is my view of the pros and cons:


  1. No commute / shorter commute - when you’re entirely remote, you choose where you work, so that can perfectly be an office in your own home, a co-working place, a coffee shop or bunny island (although you probably won’t get much work done there).

Remote first

Remote friendly


No remote

Seriously, how do they